What are other tv shows that you watch? Idk what to watch while waiting for new episodes :/

I’m currently on season 2 of Castle and I’m loving it! I used to watch the vampire dairies but I stopped but I still recommend it. I’v heard Teen Wolf is pretty great. Oh, and the walking dead is fantastic too!

whats the difference with the arrow and the green arrow?

I explained it a bit to the another anon.

OMG Laurel is gonna be the black canary, I knew she was supposed to be in comics which I never read, but I thought it's different on the show

I haven’t read the comics, either but the producers confirmed it awhile back.

Is since I'm assuming there's gonna be flash/arrow crossover episodes are there gonna be people with powers on arrow?

It’s a possibility. I really haven’t heard anything about barry coming back to the show so I’m not sure.

Who else do you think will find out Oliver's secret this season? I say Thea will find out. :)

I think it’s either going to Thea or Moira.

do you know what the difference is in him being the vigilante, arrow and the green arrow?

I think at the beginning Oliver had no idea what he wanted to be. All he knew was that he had to right his fathers wrongs. Now, he’s becoming a hero but he’s not quite reached the point where people actually consider him to be a hero. He still needs a lot of development in order to become the green arrow. 

Is Barry ok?

As far as I know he’s still in a coma. Felicity hasn’t said anything about him in the previous episodes. I know he’ll wake up because the flash is getting its own show.

Get to know me meme [x]
5 3 favorite tv shows (2/3): Arrow

is this your main blog?

Yes and no. I barely post on my personal anymore so this is technically my main blog.

wait, i'm confused I thought Oliver was the green arrow already?

Technically he is but he hasn’t officially gotten to that point in his story. Right now he’s the arrow and he’ll became the green arrow later on.

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